Our Brands

CAG prides itself on working with strong brands, which operate under Australia’s leading meat industry brands. Carefully chosen for their highest standard farming practices, stand-out quality and industry knowledge, our brands underpin the strong ethos that drives Central Agri Group.

Central Agri Group

CAG, a well-known and trusted grassfed beef brand, in the international and Australian domestic market is sourced from the green pastures of Southern Australia. Our pure grassfed cattle are raised in a clean environment and handled with care, ensuring animal welfare and food safety standards are met and kept. CAG offers an extensive range of chilled and frozen beef to suit the customers’ requirements.

Nestled in the Gippsland heartland, Gippsland Pure teams its passion for creating clean, safe, ethical and nutritionally wholesome produce with some of Australia’s most enviable prime farming land. It translates into beautiful quality food for Australians and international export markets, maintaining the nation’s high produce expectations. Gippsland Pure’s high quality animal livestock practices result in superior eating quality meat, and a subtle farming footprint on some of Australia’s most beautiful land.

Milk Fed Beef is supremely tender and mildly darker than traditional European Veal because our calves are fed a fully enriched diet with no iron deprivation. They are also exposed to natural sunlight through our paddock system.

Three888 Premium Australian Beef

Three888 is our premium quality beef sourced from Southern Australia. Primarily sourced from British bred cattle such as Angus and Hereford, Three888 are packed with all goodness giving the superior flavour and eating quality. Individually handpicked and graded meat and fat colour with set standards make our Three888 tastes consistent and better on the plate all the time. Three888 are free of hormone, antibiotic, GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) and ethically and sustainably grown.

Rum Jungle Beef Burgers

100% Organic beef, sourced from the Northern Territory of Australia and produced in our plant situated in Rum Jungle. The cattle are raised in a free-range environment with an emphasis on animal welfare and sustainable production systems, with no antibiotics or hormones throughout.