Central Agri Group prides itself on employing the highest quality environmental practices that Australia is recognised for. Our commitment to best practice systems, that delivers quality assurance and traceability from paddock to plate is evidenced in our ongoing investment and accreditation with key industry bodies

Sustainable practices

Central Agri Group’s supply partners employ sustainable pasture management practices, maintenance of biodiversity, soil and water management and employ the highest standards in animal welfare practices.

Sustainable framework

With skillsets that translate across our network including animal sciences, human resources, administration, maintenance and training, our experienced staff taps into its vast knowledge to produce delicious products for distribution within the Central Agri Group range.

Animal welfare

The well-being of the animals in our network is at the forefront of everything we do, which is why we look to alternatives to aversive practices and administer pain relief before carrying out any necessary procedures.

Economical positive

Central Agri Group’s world’s best practices centre around an economically sustainable structure focused on long-term positive rates of return throughout the cattle rearing and production phases.

Environmental management

We take a balanced approach to environmental management to ensure longevity of product and landscape. Central Agri Group’s land practices prioritise the natural resources we depend on and their biodiversity by measuring the our managed land for environmental outcomes and changes in vegetation.

Health & safety

The health and safety of our staff and contractors is paramount to everything we do. We aim to eliminate the risk of injuries through continual improvement of safety practices and continual highlighting of possible risk factors.

Climate change

Using carbon capture and sequestration, Central Agri Group is able to reduce the carbon dioxide equivalent emitted during the beef rearing and processing chain (which includes the methane produced through cattle’s natural digestion).

Antimicro surveillence

Central Agri Group places great importance in maintaining the efficacy of antimicrobials to ensure that infections in humans and animals remains treatable. We analyse the industry use of antibiotics and surveillance programs to detect resistance to the adequacy of treatments.

As a global supplier of beef and by-products, Central Agri Group prides itself on full compliance, with the highest accreditation standards, animal welfare and, safety. Our dedication to a premium model of delivery ensures our products are of the highest quality.