Central Agri Group offers a range of custom feeding options and services for our clients at Joanna Plains Feedlot and Marianna’s backgrounding facility.

Joanna Plains Farm and Feedlot is located in Cataby Western Australia approximately 170km north of Perth. Our custom feeding services focus on performance targets including desired feeding outcomes, carcass goals, financial goals and importantly animal welfare best practice.

The custom feeding services we provide allow us to add significant value to our customer cattle creating maximum marketing opportunities. All feeding programs are tailored to suit varying cattle types and categories and importantly our customers desired outcome’s. At Joanna Plains our rations are formulated by our consultant nutritionist to ensure optimum nutrition, maximise average daily gains whilst promoting and ensuring ultimate feed conversion efficiency. The dedicated team at Joanna Plains are highly experienced, have a passion for Lot feeding with a dedicated focus on the needs of our customer cattle nutritionally and operationally which allows us to improve your cattle feeding experience.  Proudly, our facilities are NFAS and MSA accredited and in 2017 our team at Joanna Plains were recognised for their expertise in lot feeding and were awarded with the MSA Excellence in Eating Quality as the Most Outstanding Beef Producer in the Grainfed category for Western Australia.


NFAS accredited feedlot located in Cataby W.A

  • 3,000hd capacity
  • Accredited Live export depot approved for markets including but not limited to: China, Indonesia and Vietnam


An extensive free-range grain-based backgrounding facility located in Cataby W.A

  • 10,400hd capacity
  • 52 x 200hd feed bunked pens
  • Accredited Live export depot (10,000hd) approved for markets including but not limited to: Indonesia and Vietnam


Feedlot, Live export depot and holding facility located in Batchelor N.T

  • 3,000hd capacity


Central Agri Group offer Live export quarantine and depot services in Western Australia and the Northern Territory at our accredited live export facilities. The services we provide assist Live export industry stakeholders in preparing cattle within our facilities prior to live export. Our experienced team is dedicated in ensuring all country protocol requirements are met and adhered to as required.

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is paramount and the cornerstone of our business and whilst we are the custodians of your cattle our top priority is the wellbeing of your cattle. Central Agri Group adheres to the stringent guidelines set out under the National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS) and we ensure that all cattle are in a comfortable and consistent environment.

Most Outstanding MSA Beef Producer

MSA Awards

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