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Central Agri Group is one of Australia’s leading fully integrated beef farming, backgrounding, feedlotting and meat processing companies. The business was established in 1991 and has developed a loyal and strong global and domestic network of customers and partners, delivering high quality beef products to over 50 export markets.

Central Agri Group is a unique national business with significant investment in state-of-the-art meat processing capabilities with on-site cold storage facilities. Our business divisions include three export abattoirs located in Victoria, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory, along with our own farms and feedlots at Joanna Plains Western Australia and Batchelor in the Northern Territory.


4 Export
Processing capabilities

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Be part of the journey

Central Agri Group employs more than 250 dedicated staff, and is constantly searching for the world’s leading talent to add to our team. Our team is at the core of our business and our success is their success. We support, guide and train our team in a combined quest to source and provide world’s best practice and produce.

Safety & quality focussed

Our unwavering dedication to quality, safety and impeccable customer service underpin everything we do.

Central Agri Group’s ethos focuses on the belief that supreme quality and attention to detail creates an unbeatable product that is unparalleled. Coupled with a commitment to safety at all levels and at every step of the process means a streamlined system without compromise.

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